Commercial Refigerator Repair Signs You Should Address Immediately

While you should always have commercial refrigerator repair done as soon as you can, not all cases are urgent. The following are the most concerning signs that your commercial refrigerator needs repair to look out for. This way, you can protect your refrigerator, your employees, and the room the refrigerator operates in.


A commercial refrigerator may be warm initially to the touch, but should never be hot. If your commercial refrigerator is so hot that it's actively melting the refrigeration casing, is burning when you touch it, or smells like burning plastic, then you need to call for an emergency commercial refrigerator repair service. Unplug the unit and seek immediate repair service right away.


While you might have water pooling at the bottom of your commercial refrigerator from time to time or have some condensation build up in the unit, you should never have serious flooding inside or under the appliance. If any wetness is found behind or under your commercial refrigerator, call for commercial refrigerator repair as soon as possible.

Try to identify where the water is coming from by placing towels or napkins in areas where water is present. If these areas get more saturated with moisture, they may be the spots where water is accumulating. Identifying where the water is coming from can help your commercial refrigerator repair service correctly diagnose and repair what is wrong.


Your commercial refrigerator is most likely to give you signs of wear and failure over time, such as increased electricity costs or unreliable cooling. If the unit completely malfunctions and turns off with no signs of wear, you need to call for commercial refrigerator repairs. First of all, you need to protect the produce within the unit and salvage what you can. Secondly, you need to get the commercial refrigerator repair done right away to make sure the unit will work again.

If your commercial refrigerator is turning off and also causing sparks, or there is smoke or the smell of something burning coming from the refrigeration unit, safely turn off the breaker to the commercial refrigerator and call for emergency care. Your commercial refrigerator repair service company will quickly assess what is causing issues with your unit and make repairs if they can, or will recommend a new commercial refrigeration unit if they cannot repair the refrigerator right away.

For more information about commercial refrigerator repair, contact a local repair service.